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Let us generate some fresh energy flow

Either launching a new product or communicating with employees, we can help you achieve new levels of success. We are strategic and creative thinkers with a lot of experience.


Insights research
We look for the ‘ambient communications’ in a corporate culture and use that to help decide what is working and what is not.
Employee engagement
People are complex and irrational but thankfully on the whole predictably irrational and that allows to make clever guesses about how to get people better engaged with their daily work!
Communication strategy
What’s the plan? Saying things is traditionally what a lot of businesses are bad at, they are great at the doing of what they do, just not necessarily great at talking about it.

We are rather good at writing conversations, getting the strategy right and showing you how to do it.
Collaboration workshops
We will never know your business like you do. That’s why our process is highly collaborative.
Change management
Corporate change has a frighteningly high failure rate amongst many high profile businesses. Our secret is we use an understanding of the way people think and behave to inform our approach to corporate change. It makes us very different from standard consultancies and changes agencies.
All things brand - from Brand Purpose, Brand Identity, asset suites and Tone of Voice projects to brand and product comms solutions - and even into brand partner strategies. You hum it. We'll find the choir to sing it.
Positioning and messaging
We believe in insights-led positioning and messaging that focuses on customer benefits.
Campaign development
It’s all about the big idea. The kernel that gets your heart beating and your juices flowing.
Email marketing
We take a test and learn approach to email marketing to ensure your blasts get noticed.
Content marketing
You have to be a storyteller these days for anyone to engage with you and not a ‘stiff corporate storyteller’ who is seen through in seconds but an authentic voice, one that pulls audiences in not pushes stuff out to them! We are storytellers who are also content specialists with the skill to affect the heart as well as the mind!
Animation and film production
From the simple to the sublime, we have experience producing videos for every budget.
Live events
We love the chance to press the flesh, to get tribal and create a gathering, one that has force and power and doesn’t try to pass on information or data to a large corporate group but a gathering where the people who leave will later proudly and passionately say “I was there”.
All things Web - from site IA and UX to build and maintenance - with e-commerce back end builds if required. Every business is a technology business and everyone needs some web - you just need the right team to spin it's shape and then connect it.
Search engine optimization (SEO)
Make sure they can find you. We help our clients get maximum impact on the web.
Defining how your brand or business plays on a smart phone or tablet is now critical. Mobile has its own set of rules - from how sites work on it to how communities engage with you and we understand not just the technicalities of mobile friendly and apt coms and marketing but the zeitgeist of mobile thought and behavior!
Event marketing
Over 20 years’ experience means we have a proven track record marketing events.
Why would anyone sponsor anything? Apart from having access to the corporate box over the goal!

We find sponsorship concepts and opportunities that fit with your brand and your most ‘potent’ audience and we do it in a creative and measurably profitable way.
Social media
It’s a swamp out there but there are some real advantages to stepping in and messing with the other competitors. If you get it right you can reap real benefits but you need a good guide to lead you through the quick-sands of trolling, brand attack, etc. Remember once it’s said you can’t unsay it and the speed social media works at can catch you out!

We develop social strategies in whole or in part - managing communities - seeding content - creating sticky content to attract the right people, across all shades and sizes of social tribes and networks. You just need knowledgeable match-makers.
Getting people to flock to a stand for a good price is the game and we know how to play it. Exhibitions can be expensive but with the right stand strategy and joined up coms you can see real added value to your mar-coms budget. We do everything from pre-event marketing to stand design and creating the buzz on the floor.